The Rattling Creek trail network covers over 20+ miles of rocky challenging classic east coast singletrack terrain, as well as miles of tamer snowmobile trails and gravel forest roads. The trail network encompasses both the Weiser State Forest Haldeman Tract area and the Lykens Borough Watershed area, and is located just outside of Lykens, PA.

Rattling Creek was built as a labor of love for a few local Lykens area mountain bikers. The project began in 1999 and utilized the IMBA guidelines of flow and great trail design to maximize rideability and sustainability. After years of trail layout, cutting, trimming, rock work, rock work, and more rock work, their dream was completed. Almost two decades later it still stands the test of their hard work and time!! There are trails here for all types of rider levels, but definitely skewed to the more advanced or adventurous.

RCST was the local club for many years, keeping the trails open and hosting the very popular Bash every September. The pinnacle was the trail system being awarded IMBA Epic status in 2012. Shortly afterwards there was a passing of the guard, as SAMBA had just become a IMBA Chapter group and the old RCST club founders were ready to pass the baton. Our goal is to maintain, build, educate and ride in the spirit of the original founders and their mission.

There are three main parking lots to access the trails, as well as multiple pull off/parking areas on the forest roads: Lykens Road, White Oak Road, Wolf pond Road.

The main parking lots are listed below:

East End Parking Lot:  Powells Valley Rd,  Halifax, PA 17032  40.544701, -76.689755

Minnich Hit Picinic Area: White Oak Road, Weiser State Forest,   40.522539, -76.747647

Snowmobile Parking Lot: White Oak Rd, Halifax, PA 17032   40.544711, -76.758519


We will be posting and updating trail work days, rides, and social events. Any thoughts, concerns, ideas, etc can be emailed to:

Rattling Creek Contact


Ride On!!!


NOMINATIONS OPEN! for SAMBA Board and Committee positions

Howdy, We are excited to announce that nominations are now open for Board of Directors and Committee positions with SAMBA! If you have the passion, dedication and skills to help with these positions please be sure that you are nominated. Nominators  and nominees must both be members in good standing of the Susquehanna Area Mountain Bike Association. Nominations close March 15. Below is a list of open positions followed basic SAMBA information, Requirements and expectations of the positions and more information. Yes, you can nominate yourself! Please  use the link at the bottom of this post to nominate for positions with SAMBA. Kindly be sure to note the Board position and /or committee and the nominee’s name and email address. Please be sure that the nominee has a confirmed interest before submitting any nominations. Open Board positions: Board Chair Board Vice-Chair Director of Public Relations Director of Communications Director of Events and Rides Open Committee positions : Public Relations Communications Events and Rides   SUSQUEHANNA AREA MOUNTAIN BIKE ASSOCIATION 1) NAME AND TERRITORY NAME: The name of the organization shall be the Susquehanna Area Mountain Bike Association (SAMBA), a CHAPTER of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). TERRITORY: SAMBA shall operate within the general geographic territory of Central Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. ORGANIZATION AND STRUCTURE: Upon acceptance of its application, SAMBA shall operate as an IMBA chartered CHAPTER and enjoy the benefits of IMBA’s IRS 501(c)3 tax exempt status. SAMBA may decide to form a local corporation or operate as a unit of IMBA’s California Corporation.   2) MISSION AND PURPOSE MISSION: As a non-profit club the purpose of the Susquehanna Area Mountain...