SAMBA is a community-minded local Mountain Biking Association that can be found here in Central Pennsylvania. We build, ride, and maintain multi-use trail systems around the Susquehanna Valley near Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

Trails that SAMBA currently maintains are:

  • Camp Mack (15 miles)
  • Coleman Memorial Park Bicycle Playground and trail loop
  • Ephrata Bike Park at Heatherwood
  • Governor Dick (10 miles)
  • HMC – Hershey Medical Center Trails (11 miles)
  • Parkway Trails System (11 miles)
  • Rattling Creek Trail System (30+ miles)  (IMBA epic)

SAMBA is an official chapter club of IMBA

SAMBA is an official IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) chapter club and was selected by IMBA in 2014 to be visited by their Trail Care Crew to host a series of Trail Building School seminars and “Better Living through Trails” which targeted local community members, land managers, and political figures advocating about the benefits of having mountain bike trails in their communities.
How You Can Support This Great Organization

SAMBA is a member-supported organization comprised of dedicated members who value the healthful, social, and communal benefits of mountain biking.  Our members volunteer their time to maintain and expand upon current trails, partner with community organizations and develop relationships with political figures and land managers in an effort to maintain and expand upon mountain biking opportunities in the greater Susquehanna area.  You can become a member and support the efforts of this great organization by clicking right here!