Mechanicsburg Environmental Center

Mechanicsburg Area School District’s Trails and Trees Environmental Center Property is now home to a .92 mile stacked loop mountain biking gateway trail system and pump track.  The trail system consists of beginner, intermediate, and advanced trails to accommodate riders of all ability levels.  Novice riders can start on the green beginner trails and progress at their own pace, to the blue intermediate and black advanced loops of the trail system.

The trail system provides the local community with easily accessible outdoor recreational opportunities including biking, hiking, and running.  A detailed map with a QR code linked to SAMBA’s interactive GPS trail map, is placed on site in a kiosk, and all trails are clearly marked.

It is the vision of SAMBA that The Mechanicsburg Environmental Center Trail System, Coleman Park Trail System, and the forthcoming Hearth Tender Trail System, will create a ladder of progression for the SAMBA mountain biking community to obtain the skills and confidence necessary to ride all SAMBA trails and the larger trail system within the nearby Michaux State Forest.

This trail system is the result of a collaboration between Mechanicsburg Area School District’s vision within the physical education and recreation  departments, and SAMBA’s vision to provide gateway trails where our community members can learn to mountain bike.  In 2018, SAMBA assisted the district with a .6 mile trail system at the high school.  Since then, the district envisioned the property at the Environmental Center as the perfect place to add a second, more challenging, and longer trail system.  Work began during the spring of 2022.  With the help and support of the school district, SAMBA, the West Shore Composite mountain bike team, a local boy scout troop, district staff members, community volunteers, and dirt for the pump track donated by Camp Hill Forest Products, the trail officially opened on Sunday, November 13th, 2022.

Mechanicsburg Environmental Center Map