Parkway Trails System Map


Night riding is permitted at the Parkway Trail System.  SAMBA highly recommends never riding at night alone and riders to have two lights; one mounted on the handle bar and one mounted on the helmet.  Due to having to ride city streets to connect the Cameron Parkway to the Paxtang Parkway riders should also have a flashing red light attached to the back of their bike when traveling on city streets after dusk.    

SAMBA announces plan to re-open Paxtang Park in 2020

Howdy, Back in the Fall of 2017 we announced that we planned to begin work to restore historic Paxtang Park in Harrisburg. This space will be used as a parking trailhead and picnic area for visiting cyclists using the Capital Area Greenbelt and Parkway Trail System. The lot will be mostly crushed stone and open meadow with a natural buffer along the creek and will feature a trail kiosk and picnic pavilion. Initial work began in 2018. Safety issues were addressed, dead trees were dropped, trash and debris cleared and more in preparation for this year’s construction.  Pennsy Supply has made a generous donation for the full amount of stone necessary to establish the parking area. Our partners at the City of Harrisburg own the property and helped to resolve issues with the municipality that delayed the work last year. Work has resumed with our target opening day in early April 2020. Work days will take place over the Winter and Spring. SAMBA has been involved with planning for the preservation of the Park as the project to widen I-83 takes shape in this area in the coming years. We are seeking volunteers that are interested in the beatification of the Park in the Spring. Why restore the park? The park has a lot of history and was once the hub for recreation in Harrisburg. This location of the Park is the center of the Parkway Trail System and an ideal parking and meeting area for visiting cyclists using the trails or Capital Area Greenbelt. We plan to establish parking for approximately 15- 20 vehicles, making the location ideal...

SAMBA announces 2019 ride calendar

We are proud to finally announce that we have established a monthly ride schedule for the entire 2019 riding season! We plan to host a ride each weekend starting in April and running through November. Of course some rides may be relocated, cancelled or rescheduled.  We also plan to continue our night rides at Governor Dick and Swatara in the Fall and and add some new night rides along the way. Here’s the basic plan: Camp Mack: First Sunday every month Parkway Trails: Second Saturday every month Weiser State Forest (Rattling Creek): Third weekend every month HMC Trails: Fourth Saturday every month All rides will be created as recurring Facebook events and also appear on our website calendar! Check Facebook for all ride updates. See you out there!...

Paxtang Park Spring Fundraiser!

SAMBA is seeking to raise $1,500 to restore Paxtang Park as a central parking and picnic area for access to the Parkway-Trails Network and Capital Area Greenbelt. Please follow http://sambabiker.com/samba/donate  if you would consider a donation toward this project. Please read the message below from our SAMBA president for a more detailed explanation of this project! Hello, Last Fall we announced that we had reached an agreement with the City of Harrisburg, Swatara Township, Paxtang Borough and The Capital Area Greenbelt Association to partner and begin work to restore historic Paxtang Park. This space will be used as a parking trailhead and picnic area for visiting cyclists using the Capital Area Greenbelt and Parkway Trail System. The lot will be mostly crushed stone and open meadow with a natural buffer along the creek and will feature a trail kiosk and picnic pavilion. More than a century ago the park was established as the last stop of the trolley line from downtown. There was a lake, swimming pool and an amusement park complete with ferris wheel that was a popular in the 20’s and 30’s but then closed and fell into ruins. It was used sporadically over the years but mostly remained dormant and overgrown. This location is the center of the Parkway Trail System and also ideal for visiting Greenbelt users accessing from I-83. We plan to establish parking for approximately15- 20 vehicles, making the location ideal for group rides and visitors exploring for the first time. This will be an important infrastructure improvement as we direct users to this lot and away from some of the smaller lots scattered...


Paxtang Park Project underway! We are excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with the City of Harrisburg (land owner), Swatara Township and Paxtang Borough (owners of the roads approaching the park), and CAGA to partner to
begin work to restore historic Paxtang Park to be used as a parking, trailhead and picnic area for visiting cyclists using the Capital Area Greenbelt and Parkway Trail System.

NOMINATIONS OPEN! for SAMBA Board and Committee positions

Howdy, We are excited to announce that nominations are now open for Board of Directors and Committee positions with SAMBA! If you have the passion, dedication and skills to help with these positions please be sure that you are nominated. Nominators  and nominees must both be members in good standing of the Susquehanna Area Mountain Bike Association. Nominations close March 15. Below is a list of open positions followed basic SAMBA information, Requirements and expectations of the positions and more information. Yes, you can nominate yourself! Please  use the link at the bottom of this post to nominate for positions with SAMBA. Kindly be sure to note the Board position and /or committee and the nominee’s name and email address. Please be sure that the nominee has a confirmed interest before submitting any nominations. Open Board positions: Board Chair Board Vice-Chair Director of Public Relations Director of Communications Director of Events and Rides Open Committee positions : Public Relations Communications Events and Rides   SUSQUEHANNA AREA MOUNTAIN BIKE ASSOCIATION 1) NAME AND TERRITORY NAME: The name of the organization shall be the Susquehanna Area Mountain Bike Association (SAMBA), a CHAPTER of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). TERRITORY: SAMBA shall operate within the general geographic territory of Central Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. ORGANIZATION AND STRUCTURE: Upon acceptance of its application, SAMBA shall operate as an IMBA chartered CHAPTER and enjoy the benefits of IMBA’s IRS 501(c)3 tax exempt status. SAMBA may decide to form a local corporation or operate as a unit of IMBA’s California Corporation.   2) MISSION AND PURPOSE MISSION: As a non-profit club the purpose of the Susquehanna Area Mountain...


SAMBA’s 2nd Annual Winter Party & Fundraiser March 5 We need passionate individuals to fill Board positions and staff several committees for 2017. If you want to help protect our trails and see new riding opportunities develop in Central Pa. PLEASE come out to find out more. Areas of opportunity include: Memberships, fundraising, web and social media, PR, rides and social events, trail work, advocacy education and much more! More info and updates on our Facebook page. See you there!...


SAMBA is proud to announce that the Parkway Trail System in Harrisburg is officially open for everyone to enjoy. It took us several years to work through the process of identifying stakeholders, reaching out and forming relationships, making presentations to municipalities, government officials and other landowners, working through agreements with landowners, insurance issues, crossing a state road, legal issues, storm water management, trail sustainability, urban blight and trash, risk management, maintenance plan, etc, etc. Then…Harrisburg City Council approved our resolution last July and we began work in the dirt which would continue every weekend and some week nights until last week, only missing dates in January and February. Our tenacious volunteers logged nearly 1300 hours during that time to sculpt the terrain and unleash nearly 8 miles of single track with the intent of developing a network that had a good balance of new-school fast and flowey trails and old-school style twisty and technical lines. We feel like we have a great starting point with plans to build two more miles of trail soon. We held an official ribbon cutting last Thursday with project partners and then hosted the opening day last Saturday with lots of support from the local cycling community. THANK YOU to Pedal Pusher, Holmes Cycling and Fitness, Mountainside Ski and Sports, Quality Bicycle Products, Bike Harrisburg, Harrisburg Bike Club, Recycle Bicycle as well as Troeg’s Brewing Co., Paxtang Grill, Capital Area Greenbelt Association, Harrisburg Area Roller Derby, LCSWMA, Mad Dash Food truck, MoJoe Kool Food truck and everybody else that came out to support and celebrate. Maps are currently available at most local bike shops...