SAMBA is seeking to raise $1,500 to restore Paxtang Park as a central parking and picnic area for access to the Parkway-Trails Network and Capital Area Greenbelt. Please follow  if you would consider a donation toward this project.

Please read the message below from our SAMBA president for a more detailed explanation of this project!


Last Fall we announced that we had reached an agreement with the City of Harrisburg, Swatara Township, Paxtang Borough and The Capital Area Greenbelt Association to partner and begin work to restore historic Paxtang Park. This space will be used as a parking trailhead and picnic area for visiting cyclists using the Capital Area Greenbelt and Parkway Trail System. The lot will be mostly crushed stone and open meadow with a natural buffer along the creek and will feature a trail kiosk and picnic pavilion.

More than a century ago the park was established as the last stop of the trolley line from downtown. There was a lake, swimming pool and an amusement park complete with ferris wheel that was a popular in the 20’s and 30’s but then closed and fell into ruins. It was used sporadically over the years but mostly remained dormant and overgrown.

This location is the center of the Parkway Trail System and also ideal for visiting Greenbelt users accessing from I-83. We plan to establish parking for approximately15- 20 vehicles, making the location ideal for group rides and visitors exploring for the first time. This will be an important infrastructure improvement as we direct users to this lot and away from some of the smaller lots scattered along the route. Our hope is that by helping to establish this facility we can provide more amenities and options for visitors making Harrisburg a better destination for outdoor recreation.

Initial work began late last year. Safety issues were addressed, dead trees were dropped, trash and debris cleared and more in preparation for this year’s construction. We’re excited to announce that Pennsy Supply has made a generous donation for the full amount of stone necessary to establish the parking area! Another donation from Quality Bicycle Products was used to purchase parking bumpers and hardware. At this point, we still need to raise the final $1,500 to fund the completion of the project. Expenses include geo-barrier cloth, kiosk materials, equipment rentals and interior directional signage.

Please help us take steps to complete this project during the Summer of 2018 by making a donation here:……

Thank You for your help and generosity!