We are super excited (yet calm & relaxed) to announce that SAMBA has been blessed with a sponsorship from Floyd’s of Leadville for 2021! Most of you know that Floyd is from the area and spent time riding at Camp Mack and Governor Dick in the early years so it just made sense to partner to help promote off-road cycling in the region. Floyd’s will be a key sponsor for this year’s BASH in September and also at the brand new Marysville Mash-Up event coming Memorial day weekend. You’ll also find samples of Floyd’s products at some work days and rides this year.

Now is a great time to experiment if you are CBD curious, suffering from pain or anxiety, need to speed up recovery time or just refilling your CBD supplies if already a user.

As part of the sponsorship package, Floyd’s is offering a 15% discount AND donating 15% to SAMBA for anyone using promo code: SAMBA15 when ordering through the Floyd’s website!!! Thecode does not expire and can be used over and over. The more sales through Floyd’s website, the more funds raised for SAMBA. Please share this code with the CBD users in your life.

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