Last year we launched the first ever SAMBA member survey in an attempt to gain a better understanding of the needs and wants of our members. We are finally able to share the results. The infographic above (Thank you Emily) captures the results using four simple questions. Please click on thumbnail to view enlarged, clear image.

#1-WHAT DOES SAMBA DO WELL? Trail development and maintenance are our strong areas. Trail development is a result of diligent advocacy work and our trail crews do a great job of clearing trees and general maintenance of the trails. Our members clearly want more rides and social events. In response, we’ve created the SAMBA Summer party which is happening July 24 in Marysville. Register now at Bike reg for a day of fun events, rides and partying with other riders at the farm and don’t forget to register for the annual BASH in September!

#2-WHERE CAN SAMBA IMPROVE? It’s clear that our area of improvements should focus on more rides.As a result of the feedback we recently launched the SAMBA Ride Leader program. Under this program, any qualified member of SAMBA can now lead a group ride at any area, at any time. All rides are posted as Events through our Social media and website. To find out more or become an official SAMBA Ride Leader please email:

#3-WHAT TYPE OF TRAIL PROJECT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU? Our members clearly would like more trails with interesting features as opposed to more beginner or extreme trails. Did you know that we are currently investigating six new opportunities for trail development throughout the region? Stay tuned for potential announcements soon!

#4-WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR WHEN YOU CHOOSE A PLACE TO RIDE? The results continue to show that our riders would like to see more trail riding opportunities closer to home with interesting features and terrain.

We will do our best to follow up on these results as we continue to listen to our members and prioritize our opportunities going forward. Thanks to all that participated in the survey!