Hello Mountain Bikers!

We just want to pass along a friendly reminder regarding mountain biking at Governor Dick.

Biking at Governor Dick is privilege that we cannot allow to be lost.

Governor Dick has a lot of fun trails and features.  However, only some of the trails at Governor Dick are for bikes, and fewer yet for horses.

Mountain bikers are jeopardizing our access to ride on Governor Dick because of misuse and riding trails that are designated as no bikes.

SAMBA has recently launched an awesome map that will show you all of the trails for mountain bikes:  https://sambatrails.bike/  Please familiarize yourself with this map.

We need to stop widening trails to hit new features, creating new trails, and riding foot-travel only trails like 12, 13A, 14, and the handicap accessible ramp by the Environmental Center.  In addition, all users need to stay off the trails when they are wet to let them dry, unfortunately, the amount of tire tracks proves that we need to better in this area.

If the misuse of the park does not stop immediately, the board may choose to close the entire area to mountain bikes.  Currently, we have a Trails Task force working on ideas to prevent this from happening.

If you would like more details or want to create trails contact Nate Boyer or Tim Finn. You can also submit questions here: https://sambabiker.com/contact/

Thanks for your help and understanding!

 SAMBA & Mt. Gretna Trail Committee