Please join us for the Opening Day of the PSU-Milton S. Hershey Medical Center (HMC) Trail System this Saturday! Be among the first to ride 10 miles of sweet new single track in Hershey! Join us at the Cocoa Beanery across the street for an after party celebration from 3-5. Post-ride food, beer, coffee etc available from 1-5.

Please access the Medical Center via Life Lion Dr. at Bullfrog Valley rd and do not use the main entrances along Rt. 322. OR ride to the event using the Eshenour bike path. (See map) Trailhead parking on Reservoir rd and overflow parking at Lot H. Follow signs or watch for traffic director.

Visit the SAMBA booth at Reservoir Rd. for rides, information and maps, to join or make a donation, to purchase shirts or find out ways to get involved!

10:00 Ribbon cutting ceremony
11:00 Ladies First ride-East side-5+ miles (LADIES ONLY!)
11:05 SAMBA Liaisons rides- Advanced/expert- West side-Full route-10 miles
11:05 SAMBA Liaisons rides- Beginner/Novice-West side-Beginner loops plus-3-5 miles
11:15 Trails officially open for riding
11:30 Group ride- Advanced/Expert- East side-Full route-10 miles
11:30 Group ride- Beginner/Novice- East side-Beginner loops plus-3-5 miles
12:00 Group ride- Advanced/Expert- West side-Full route-10 miles
12:00 Group ride- Beginner/Novice- West side-Beginner loops plus-3-5 miles
12:30 Group ride- Advanced/Expert- East side-Full route-10 miles
12:30 Group ride- Beginner/Novice- East side-Beginner loops plus -3-5 miles
1:00 Cocoa Beanery opens for post-ride food & beer etc
1:00 NICA ride-E-town Mtb-East side-Length TBD
1:00 Group ride-Length TBD
3:00-5:00 SAMBA celebration at Cocoa Beanery

*Schedule subject to change. See you there!