Causeway Build on the Parkway Project May 12,13 and 14
The Parkway-Trails Liaison and SAMBA have scheduled to begin work on a 700 foot long causeway made entirely from crushed stone as part of the Parkway trail project. The stone access trail is needed due to low lying grass near the creek where construction of a sustainable dirt surface trail is not possible. Work will begin May 12 with excavating the tread and May 13 and 14th moving stone and compacting the tread.
LCSWMA will deliver stone that was donated by Pennsy Supply on May 12. We are looking for folks to help move stone from staging locations into the trail tread that has been excavated. This will be done with a bobcat, tractor and a lot of wheelbarrows. Please bring wheelbarrow if possible.
Thursday we will start at 12 NOON and work till dusk. Both Friday and Saturday we will work from 9 AM until dusk . If you have any availability to help move stone please reply to this email we’re looking for a team that is ready to get this job done! We don’t need you to be there for the full day but all help is appreciated.
Meet at Greenbelt parking lot @19th st. If arriving later just head through the gate South about 200 yards to the site.
Please respond with any questions to: