Huge Thank You to Nick D’Agostino (Left), Ed Griffith (Center) & Markus Houser (Right) for all the time, energy and sweat contributed this year to help us improve, maintain and keep the trails clear for everyone to enjoy!

These guys have each sacrificed more than 40 hours of their time volunteering with SAMBA in 2023! Nick spent many weekends making the trip up to Lykens to help with the build-out of the Lykens Ladder & Reservoir run trails (opening 4/27/24). He also helped with Parkway work days and tree clearing and our Scratch beer release day event at Troegs. Ed only missed one or two Parkway work days this entire year,  helped with multiple projects outside scheduled work days and stepped up to help with unpleasant tasks when we needed help. He also contributed some time up in Lykens and helped with Parkway group rides. Markus was a main contributor at the Parkway trails over the past couple years and became an official trail crew member this year often leading groups of volunteers on work days. Markus also contributes lots of time volunteering with YAMBA down in York!

SAMBA is a 100% volunteer organization and we are fortunate to have such robust volunteers. We are humbled by their generosity, work ethic and passion for trails and mountain biking. Please give these guys a high five when you see them out on the trails or at SAMBA events in 2024 and thanks to everyone that volunteered with SAMBA this past year @ HMC, Camp Mack, Governor Dick, Coleman Park, Heatherwood, Parkway & Rattling Creek!