The Susquehanna Area Mountain Bike Association is nearing completion of The Parkway Trail System after more than a year’s work building 10 miles of trails that are sustainable, safe and fun.  We’ve logged almost 1200 hours of volunteer time since Harrisburg City Council passed our resolution in July 2015. SAMBA is a 501c3 non-profit organization and has managed to raise all funds needed to establish the entire trail facility. We see the natural surface trail option as a wonderful enhancement to the Capital Area Greenbelt that provides an escape from the city grind and a connection to nature. We tried to maximize green spaces and create a unique facility that will provide a recreational opportunity where we previously had none. This type of facility will help us retain residents and attract people to the area to visit, ride and contribute to the local economy. We designed the trail system using the Greenbelt as it’s spine. Folks can access the trail network traffic-free from any neighborhood instead of loading up the car and driving 45-60 minutes to reach the closest trails. The trail system will offer a place for beginners to learn, novices to build their skills and experts to have a fun trail experience. The trails will be shared-use (trail runners, hikers, bird watchers etc.), directional and marked for all skill levels. The City of Harrisburg is the primary stakeholder for the facility with the County of Dauphin and LCSWMA also contributing land for trail development. Partners and supporters of this project also include Quality Bicycle Products, Capital Area Greenbelt Association, International Mountain Bicycling Association, Swatara Township, Susquehanna Township, Paxtang Borough and many local businesses such as Pedal Pusher bike shop, Paxtang Grill, Troeg’s Brewing Co. and others.