Governor Dick Trails Access Update 

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Last month we learned that our privilege to ride bicycles on the trails at Governor Dick is in jeopardy.  Please see below for a status update. 

SAMBA created a post educating about the Governor Dick trails being in jeopardy to mountain bikers that received over 10,000 views 

SAMBA trails map released 

QR Codes for the above mapare being made for the trail markers. 

Six SAMBA Map QR signs for Trailheads/kiosks have been delivered to be installed 

A new paper map draft was presented. This draft is currently being improved to include the Boulders trails and sites. 

SAMBA has provided a red trail marker example that will state NO BIKES & HORSES. We are working to determine how many are needed. SAMBA will cover the cost and installation of these markers. 

Six SAMBA yard signs were delivered “If you’re leaving tracks, please turn back”  

A SAMBA Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) draft was presented to the committee outlining SAMBA’s and the Governor Dick Park’s responsibilities. 

We have the potential opportunity to offer an Eagle Scout Project to improve the sustainability of the trails. 

SAMBA has offered a complete trail analysis, recommended improvements, and implementation of improvements. 

Sub committees have been formed to: 

Create and implement a Survey:  Nikki Maurer (Executive Director, Community Health Council of Lebanon County) & Sally Schach (Environmental Center) 

PR/Education campaign:  Sarah Shirk (representing the runners), Nikki Maurer  

Trail Review:  Nate Boyer (SAMBA liaison), Don Newcomer (Horseshoe Trail Group), Sarah Shirk, Dave Eichler (Board Member & Park Ranger), Adam Hartman (Governor Dick Boulders group), Audrey Wells (Trails coordinator) 

Work on a new MOU with the user groups: Tim Finn (SAMBA liaison), Dave Eichler, Tom Harlon (board member), Adam Hartman & Don Newcomer 

Re-naturalizing:  Laurie Crawford (representing Lebanon Valley Conservancy), Dr. Doug Becker (Trail Task Force chairman, board member). The deer fences near Pinch Road will soon be removed, and these trails and areas need be re-naturalized. 


BOTTOM-LINE everyone: 

SAMBA is doing everything we can to resolve issues and preserve trail access.

Please stop riding the “NO BIKES” trails. 

Please do not ride Governor Dick trails when wet. 

Stop building new features, trails, or go arounds. 

We will soon schedule a trail maintenance effort for this year. 

The board needs to see improvements by November to prevent a vote to ban bikes. 

We appreciate your help to spread the word. 

Thank you.