Dauphin County held their first public meeting last week and advocates from SAMBA including  several Board members were in attendance to voice the need for shared-use trails in the park that can accommodate mountain bikers of all skill levels. The park consists of 411 acres and has three distinct areas including pine groves,, rolling hills and rocky, rough terrain with 578 ft of elevation change. The park is 8 miles from the capital and midway between the Parkway Trail system and the Rattling Creek Trail system, providing the perfect ladder for rider progression, difficulty and trail mileage.

The Master Site planning process is in motion and as a result of the first public opinion meeting, a new survey has been posted to gather more feedback from the public and help identify and prioritize the needs for the park. You will notice that the first option in the list is “Bike Trails” so it seems that we made an impact at the first meeting!

Please take a couple minutes to fill out the survey and then share this link with friends, family, co-workers and anyone else that is interested in establishing a shared-use trail system in the park! More trails!!!


Thanks for your support!