SAMBA announces projects for 2019 and beyond


We are super excited to share our new projects for 2019-2020. As you can see on the map our new opportunities are diverse and spread throughout the area. These projects are in various stages of development and are listed in order based on each project’s current stage of development. There may even be 1 or 2 more projects in the works that we are not able to discuss at this time. As always, we cannot make these opportunities a reality without help. Please contact us here with any questions or to get involved with putting these new trails on the ground this year! http://sambabiker.com/samba/contact/ 


Project 1: Paxtang Park

What: Trail head parking, meet-up spot and picnic area for Parkway Trails and Capital Area Greenbelt

Where: Harrisburg. Dauphin County

Who: SAMBA/Parkway Trail committee, City of Harrisburg, Paxtang Borough, Swatara Township, CAGA

Why: Designated parking areas have limited spaces and in poor locations for visitors. Revitalize historic Paxtang Park which has been in ruins for decades. Meeting place for visitors and group rides.

When:  Projected completion Spring 2019.

Budget: $2000

Funding: Secured through fundraiser and donations.

What’s happened so far:  Stakeholder and need analysis. Site investigation and history research. Meetings with City of Harrisburg, Swatara Township, Paxtang Borough. SAMBA Board approval. Project proposal and agreement fully executed. Stone donation of 140 tons secured through Pennsy Supply. Parking stops purchased with grant from QBP. Excavation and stone installation complete. BMUFL signs installed on City Park Drive.


 Project 2: Donegal Highlands

What: Small shared-use trail system featuring single track and learning areas

Where: Elizabethtown. Lancaster County

Who: SAMBA/Trail liaisons Matt Hess & Jason Thomas, Lancaster County Conservancy, Elizabethtown Mountain Bike team (PICL)

Why: New trail area accessible from Elizabethtown area. Great location for new SAMBA’s new rider development program, NICA team practice, Gateway trails adjacent to Trolley Line Park/ playground and Conewago Rail trail. Establish working relationship with LCC. Lack of trails in Lancaster County. Possible development of bicycle playground in Trolley Line Park.

When: 2019 pending logging project completion, fully executed agreement and funding. Project identified November 2017.

Budget: $2000

Funding: Needed

What’s happened so far:  Stakeholder and need analysis. Site investigation. Meeting with LCC, Mt. Joy Township, Elizabethtown Borough. Preliminary LCC and SAMBA Board approvals. Project proposal and land owner agreement submitted, currently in negotiation phase.


Project 3: Charcoal Hearth

What: New 10-mile shared-use trail system.

Where: Northern Michaux State Forest. Cumberland County.

Who: SAMBA/Trail liaisons Jonathan Cox & Tony den Hoed, DCNR, Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation (CAEDC), Mountain Bikers of Michaux (MBM)

Why: Michaux lacking user-friendly trail system and beginner/intermediate trail options.

When: Begin Spring 2019 pending fully executed agreement and funding confirmation. Completion projected for 2019-2020. Project identified November 2017.

Budget: $5000

Funding: Pending through CAEDC.

What’s happened so far: Stakeholder and need analysis. Meeting with DCNR and CAEDC. Site visits. Agreement signed between MBM and SAMBA. Initial trail design and field checks. Preliminary SAMBA Board approvals. Trail concept design completed. Grant application to be submitted CAEDC in March. Proposal and land owner agreement submitted.


Project 4: Heatherwood Park

What: Bike Park featuring balance bike area, skills area and gateway trail adjacent to WERT Rail Trail.

Where: Downtown Ephrata. Lancaster County.

Who: SAMBA/Trail liaisons Matt Knepper & Mike Farrington, Ephrata Borough, Ephrata School District, Green Mountain Cyclery, Quality Bicycle Products

Why: Need identified for a local facility to make mountain biking accessible, build skills and develop young riders. Easy access from downtown and the WERT Rail Trail. Practice area could help spark Lancaster County NICA team start-up.

When: 2019 pending fully executed agreement and funding. Project identified November 2018.

Budget: $2500

Funding: Needed. Ephrata Economic Development Corporation.

What’s happened so far:  Stakeholder and need analysis. Site investigation. Meetings Ephrata Borough, Ephrata School District and local riders. Preliminary SAMBA Board approval. Concept design plan complete. Project proposal complete. Presentation for Ephrata Borough council on 2/25.


Project 5: Rattling Creek Epic expansion

What: Expansion of Rattling Creek Trail System to the East across Lykens watershed property and into Greenland Tract of Weiser State Forest. Connections of expanded trail system proposed into Lykens Borough, Williamstown Borough and the Lykens Valley Rail Trail.

Where: Lykens/ Williamstown area. Northern Dauphin County

Who: SAMBA/Trail liaison Joshua Watts, Williamstown Borough, Lykens Borough, DCNR

Why: Expand our IMBA Epic trail system. Create trail access from Williamstown and Lykens and Lykens Valley Rail Trail. Spark economic growth and opportunities in Lykens and Williamstown. Bike packing and gravel riding options.

When:  Begin Phase 1 2019 pending fully executed agreement and funding. Project identified November 2018.

Budget: TBD

Funding: TBD

What’s happened so far:  Stakeholder and need analysis. Site investigation. Meetings with Lykens Borough, Williamstown Borough, Friends of Weiser, DCNR. Preliminary SAMBA Board approval.


 Project 6: Detweiler Park

What: Trail network integrated into new County Park

Where:  Dauphin Borough. Dauphin County

Who: SAMBA, Dauphin County Parks & Recreation

Why: Trail system close to State Capital

When: 2020

Budget: TBD

Funding: TBD

What’s happened so far:  Public survey to investigate best use of park. Site visit. Funding secured for Master Site Plan development.

Thanks for catching up with SAMBA!