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Detweiler Park update

Dauphin County held their first public meeting last week and advocates from SAMBA including  several Board members were in attendance to voice the need for shared-use trails in the park that can accommodate mountain bikers of all skill levels. The park consists of 411 acres and has three distinct areas including pine groves,, rolling hills and rocky, rough terrain with 578 ft of elevation change. The park is 8 miles from the capital and midway between the Parkway Trail system and the Rattling Creek Trail system, providing the perfect ladder for rider progression, difficulty and trail mileage. The Master Site planning process is in motion and as a result of the first public opinion meeting, a new survey has been posted to gather more feedback from the public and help identify and prioritize the needs for the park. You will notice that the first option in the list is “Bike Trails” so it seems that we made an impact at the first meeting! Please take a couple minutes to fill out the survey and then share this link with friends, family, co-workers and anyone else that is interested in establishing a shared-use trail system in the park! More trails!!! https://www.dauphincounty.org/government/departments/parks_and_recreation/dauphin_county_parks/detweiler.php Thanks for your... read more

Do you want new trails? YOUR HELP NEEDED!

You are invited to the first of four public meetings to help shape the future of mountain biking and trail facilities in beautiful Detweiler Park. Detweiler Park is located 8 miles north of the State Capital in Dauphin and is the largest of eight parks of public land owned and managed by the Dauphin County Parks & Recreation Department.  Gardens, fields, meadows, evergreen plantations, hiking trails and mature deciduous forests are some of the ecosystems in this biologically diverse park. The park was recently purchased by Dauphin County who has launched its Master Site Plan process. A master site plan is a long-term planning document that serves as a blueprint for maintenance and development of a park. It takes into consideration many things including ecosystems, buildings, social settings, surrounding environments, and economic impact. https://www.dauphincounty.org/government/departments/parks_and_recreation/dauphin_county_parks/detweiler.php The County created a survey to understand the needs of future users in the park. Here is a list of the top 5 suggestions from the survey: 1. Keep it natural 2. More hiking trails 3. Add restrooms 4. Create picnic areas with tables 5. Provide additional benches and seating CALL TO ACTION: Would you like to see shared-use trails developed in the park for hiking and mountain biking? Please consider joining us at the meetings to support future mountain biking opportunities by vocalizing your opinions to insure that our voice is heard and the County understands the need for more shared-use trails. This is our opportunity to make a difference in the planning process and influence expansion of the trail system in the park. The first meeting will be held on Monday February 3... read more

SAMBA proposes Bicycle Playground in Lebanon

SAMBA delivered a presentation on December 16th to the Lebanon City Council to propose that a Bicycle Playground be developed at Coleman Memorial Park. The Playground may include a pump track, skills area, an area specifically for balance bikes, and the conversion of an existing nature trail to shared-use. The playground area is mostly shaded and has its own picnic pavilion and restrooms. The park has many other amenities making it a great destination for the whole family. This partnership with the City of Lebanon and Coleman Memorial Park would be managed by SAMBA volunteers, and funding will be raised through contributions. Project partners would include the City of Lebanon, Friends of Coleman’s Park, Lebanon Valley Bicycle Coalition (LVBC), Community Health Council of Lebanon County, Better Together Lebanon County and others. Council members spoke positively about the project and will vote on the proposal at their January 2020 meeting. The proposed extension of the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail would bring riders past the new Northwest Elementary school and the Park on their way to Swatara State Park. Please follow SAMBA on social media for updates and info!           ... read more


Camp Mack will be closed to mountain bikes until further notice. SAMBA is working to resolve the issues and we’ve had some good discussions with the Land Manager. We are optimistic that we can reach a new arrangement in the coming months. Kindly do not ride at the camp until we are able to negotiate a new access agreement. Riding during this time will make it more difficult to restore the access. This includes all roads and trails within the camp and includes nights and Sundays. Thank You for your cooperation and... read more


Several gnomes have been spotted along the trails at Hershey Medical Center over the past few weeks and their numbers seem to be growing!  We are not quite sure if they are migrating to these woods or have been here all along. The gnomes seem to be friendly but do not like to be picked up and held. They have been spotted hanging around hollow trees and stumps and seem to like the rocky areas where there are a lot of ferns. Maybe you caught a glimpse out of the corner of your eye on a recent ride? Gnomes bring good luck so if you know of a gnome that is looking to re-locate please feel free to direct them to HMC.       SAMBA/NBB HMC Gnome challenge contest rules Meet at “The Beach” kiosk area at HMC at 8:30 on 7/27 to register. Just inside the gate on Reservoir rd. Go out and ride. Search for gnomes. Gnomes will be asked to re-locate before the start to keep it fair. Take selfies with gnomes. Decide if you are going for the GRAND PRIZE package requiring 4 gnome selfies. Return to “The Beach” to verify photos, post photos to SAMBA Facebook and claim prizes!!! GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE from New Belgium Brewing & SAMBA (First one to snap 4 selfies  and verify AT SAME TIME) includes: Case of NBB Fat Tire Ale, Grand Trunk NBB hammock, NBB Baseball cap, NBB bandana, NBB frisbee, NBB patch kit, NBB bottle opener, NBB stickers, Stan’s Notubes sealant, Gu gels and SAMBA pint glass!   The first three participants that snap 3 selfies and verify photos win a prize package from... read more

SAMBA announces 2019 ride calendar

We are proud to finally announce that we have established a monthly ride schedule for the entire 2019 riding season! We plan to host a ride each weekend starting in April and running through November. Of course some rides may be relocated, cancelled or rescheduled.  We also plan to continue our night rides at Governor Dick and Swatara in the Fall and and add some new night rides along the way. Here’s the basic plan: Camp Mack: First Sunday every month Parkway Trails: Second Saturday every month Weiser State Forest (Rattling Creek): Third weekend every month HMC Trails: Fourth Saturday every month All rides will be created as recurring Facebook events and also appear on our website calendar! Check Facebook for all ride updates. See you out there!... read more


Paxtang Park Project underway! We are excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with the City of Harrisburg (land owner), Swatara Township and Paxtang Borough (owners of the roads approaching the park), and CAGA to partner to
begin work to restore historic Paxtang Park to be used as a parking, trailhead and picnic area for visiting cyclists using the Capital Area Greenbelt and Parkway Trail System.

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WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please join us this MONDAY as we resume work on the Parkway Trail project in Harrisburg. We will be building new trail and plan to work from 6-?. We provide tools. Please bring gloves and water. Also this week- Wed night trimming and Sat building QUESTIONS?: Contact us here: http://sambabiker.com/samba/parkway-trails/ MON JUNE 13-MEET @ GREENBELT PARKING LOT – Behind City line diner 3302 Derry St. http://www.mapquest.com/…/restaur…/city-line-diner-266248942... read more

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